At Jali Creatives, LLC our goal is to create stellar content that will increase brand awareness, community impact and revenue for small businesses and nonprofit organizations. We desire to bring attention to the mark that change makers are leaving on the world.

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Ps. 37:4


Maybe you're wishing you had the time to write your own content, or maybe you just wish you had a professional to look it over. We'd love to hear from you and see if we can be of service! 


Jali is for Jen...

...the self-taught kickass Designer/Event Mastermind who just doesn’t have the time to pause and writer her bio, or a coherent "About Us" page. She’s on the move, she’s built her team, but if you visit her website, you wouldn’t really know what she does. If you saw her work, you would be amazed, but if you miss the chance to meet her—you’d never hear about her. Does Jen sound like you?


Jali is for Tim...

...the young hot-shot ex-corporate guy with impeccable taste in clothes and women, oh and a heart of pure gold! Tim has started a nonprofit to help kids in disenfranchised parts of the world, have access to books and formal education. Tim has seen the globe, married the love of his life (a beauty who slays), but faces the trouble of limited funding. Tim applies for grants, sometimes they work out, sometimes they don’t. If someone were to read about Tim’s work, she might think “what a nice guy;” but if she heard Tim speak—she’d be moved to tears and pulling out her purse. Does Tim sound like you?


Jali is for Ahmad...

...the passionate artist who wants to change the world AND make a profit! Ahmad’s idea is grand, it’s got passion, and purpose and power! But right after Ahmad shares his dreamas, he loses the spark in his eyes and slumps his shoulders. He doesn’t really have a plan, and has no clue how to create one. Does Ahmad sound like you? 










Jali is NOT for anyone who meets the following criteria:

  • The person who doesn’t value quality content. Your “brand” is made up of everything—your logo, your typeface, your employees, your web presence, your community presence, and so on. BUT IF YOU HAVE DISMISSED THE IMPORTANCE of exceptional content, you will lose a key             element that will make all the difference. 


  • The person who does not want to increase their connectivity with their customer base to generate new leads, and thereby stimulate revenue.