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2023 Marketing Checklist

The most critical questions to ask yourself as you prepare your business for the new year.


In the Jali Creatives 2023 Digital Marketing Checklist, you can discover the most important questions you should be considering as you grow your business.


From your branding to your social media and website, have you considered the simplest, most crucial aspects to a successful online presence? 

Quick, effective questions to ask yourself as you prepare your service-based business for visibility in 2023. 

  • Can your customers find you through a simple Google search?

  • Have you identified your ideal client? 

  • Does your website promote action?

  • Are your social media posts in alignment with your core values?

  • Do you have a content calendar for the year? 

 You've got this! 

Fill out the form to download the checklist. 


What Our Clients Say

We recommend Jali to anyone who is looking for website development, content creation, or good energy!

Kiana P. 

Founder, Forward Public Relations

Jali Creatives brought my heart, pain and triumph to life on the pages of my website.

Shavontanna D. 

Founder, The Starr. Insisitute

After Jali Creatives finished my rebranding, I felt like a legitimate businesswoman. No more imposter syndrome! 

Megan P. 

Founder, Megan Perry Consulting

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