Juana Jones 
Creative Director

I'm Juana, a writer with a strong belief in the power of collective creativity to empower and uplift communities. 

My goal is to increase brand awareness, community impact, and revenue for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Jazmine Sweet
Project Manager

I'm Jazmine, a marketing and event logistics professional with a knack for bringing people together! 

I live life with a grateful heart and I am always seeking ways to elevate myself and those around me. 

Brandi Munoz
Design Specialist

I'm Brandi, a graphic designer currently living in the U.K. I'm both diligent and passionate about my creative work, and I believe that design can be both effective and beautiful! 

Shelia Amilcar
Social Media Specialist

I'm Shelia, a creative professional with over 15 years of experience in marketing and nonprofit administration. I believe in living boldly and using your talents to make the world a better place! 

Katia Moyer
Client Relations 

I'm Katia, a highly creative marketer with five years of combined professional and practical experience developing marketing programs and creating sales strategies through planning and merchandising for the nation’s leading food and beverage brands.