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Kicking Ass in Your Business, While Taking It Slow

I love the Bob Marley and The Wailers song “Easy Skanking.” It is just so…chill. Bob’s crooning reminds us to take it easy, to take it slow, and while many of us can’t “light a spliff while we work on a riff,” we can allow ourselves to make room for the perspective that our work can be a source of uplift and that we have time to work out the challenges we encounter. 

As a marketing agency owner, I am constantly overseeing, reviewing, and facilitating the development of projects that involve my team and my clients and their teams, and sometimes we miss deadlines or make mistakes. In the past, missed deadlines and mistakes could quite literally feel like the end of the world to me. And though I am still a work in progress, in the past couple of years, I found that while I am not exempt from the anxieties of marketing and entrepreneurship--I have learned ways to make space for challenges not to feel so catastrophic.  Some of my team will even tell you I’ve told them “It’s marketing, not a brain surgery, it will be OK.” Because the truth is…it will be. 

Over the years, I’ve implemented a few nonnegotiables:

  • Work with “Good” Clients: Collaborate with clients who are not just present but are pleasant, understanding, and share similar values, and who see the value in the services and products you offer them.

  • Establish Clear Communication: Make your modes of communication crystal clear. Misunderstandings can lead to unnecessary stress.

  • Automate Payments: Wherever possible, automate your billing processes. It saves time and reduces headaches. Chasing invoices and checks is the opposite of taking it easy.

  • Honor Your Time: Use your calendar effectively. Respecting your own time helps you respect others' time too. Implement time-blocking practices, integrate your calendar with other tools you use, and build in time for creative thinking and professional development! 

  • Delegate and Empower: Trust your team. Delegation isn't just about offloading work; it's about empowering others.

  • Continuous Growth: Keep learning and improving. Stagnation can erode your confidence, and a confident business owner is a successful one.

This time of year always sparks in me a desire to innovate, to streamline my life and work, to grow my finances, and to continually enhance client satisfaction. It's all about striking that sweet balance – kicking ass in your business while taking it slow, ensuring you’re moving forward without burning out.

And speaking of moving forward, are you looking to elevate your business in the coming year? Do you want to grow your brand without losing your peace of mind? That's where we come in.

Book a quick chat with our team to discover how we can help you navigate the challenges of marketing with ease and efficiency. Let us help you grow your brand while you maintain your cool – just like Bob would.

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