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The Art of Narrating Your Brand Story: How Founders Can Connect with Their Audience

We are often told that everyone has a story to tell.  While this is indeed true,  what’s even more true is the emphasis on delivery.  The way we choose to tell the story is the difference between reaching a target audience with a specific message or boring them and causing a disconnect.  It is the difference between how far our impact reaches or does not.  Some questions we should ask ourselves are: What sets us apart from the rest? Who is our target audience? And what do we bring to the table?  Additionally, it could potentially be helpful to put ourselves in our audience’s shoes to ensure we are offering a quality product that we would not mind receiving as a consumer.

With that in mind, I’ve created an acronym to make sure we hit all of the points necessary to successfully and effectively tell our story, while simultaneously showing that we C.A.R.E.E.

Use Your Brand Story to Establish a Connection

Forming a connection is quite literally like LEGOs.  It is the set of building blocks that are necessary for forging a successful brand.  When we formulate a meaningful connection we are establishing a relationship, a human connection.  The saying goes “You’re only as good as the company you keep.”  Imagine being a dope woman, in the company of other amazing women. Human connection is top tier and there are so many added benefits.  As we connect with others it extends our reach and introduces us to potential clients.  I would also like to add that making connections is not the only goal, keeping connections is equally important.  The relationships we develop will only extend as far as the connections we nurture, therefore we want to make sure the connection is solid.  We can nurture our connections via consistent and clear communication, dialogue, or even by being present. Check out the following tips for how to keep the connection strong and meaningful.

Make Sure Your Brand Story is Authentic

Authenticity is unquestionable, real, and genuine.  While this concept is relative, it really just means staying true to one’s core values, it also helps that when you're operating authentically, it can feel very natural.  As it relates to branding and storytelling, this may look like transparency and possibly sharing something personal for the sake of a deeper connection with your audience.  Authenticity translates into credibility and a brand that can be trusted.  Another thing that equates to authenticity is consistency. When narrating a brand story there should be consistency in the message, the morals, and in everything that represents a particular brand.  For example, social media outlets, representatives, and customer service components should reflect the same values and have the same message.  If this is executed well it will help build credibility and morale with the audience.

Share Content That is Relatable

Possessing this quality as a storyteller means you are easily understood.  Being relatable can come in the form of a shared experience.  This shared experience can further deepen the connection.  This is also the part where people often become invested and the storyteller starts to feel more like family in the traditional sense.  They become someone we trust, have loyalty too, and want to continue having shared experiences with.  Relatability also fosters likeability and popularity.  When a brand is relatable the audience’s response is seemingly “I feel seen or heard.”  Who does not want to be understood?  Having relatability has a way of promoting bonding.  I mentioned before that this is the part where people become invested.  At this point there is minimal convincing that has to take place.  Because our audience now feels “seen and heard,” we have established rapport with them and they are likely to become followers, ambassadors, and promoters of the brand.  People support the brands they like but they support even more the brands and the stories they can relate to.

Engagement:  Will You Tell Me A Story?

There are many ways to engage an audience, such as with enthusiasm, asking questions, being expressive or animated. How enthusiastic or colorful a narrator is about their own story can easily generate buzz and attention from the audience.  This will hopefully result in positive feedback or reviews, word of mouth, and sales or profits.  The goal of engagement is audience involvement and participation.  Any storyteller wants their audience to believe their story.  When someone believes and believes in your story they will in turn become storytellers of your story, advocates if you will.  As I think about engagement further, I know I mentioned that consistency and the same message are crucial.  However, engagement may need to be a more flexible point; it requires assessment, data, and ultimately adjustments until a rhythm is found.  This is where research comes into play.  As a storyteller we may start off telling a story one way, but as the story progresses we have to read the room and adjust until we achieve the response we crave.  For example, social media is a wonderful tool for engagement, but if our goal is to reach 100 people and we’re only reaching 25, then we need to reassess our approach.  Being a good storyteller requires the storyteller to be a good listener, in order to ensure the audience is receiving all they anticipate.

Empowerment:  You’ve Got the Power

Storytelling gives voice to a brand.  Using your voice can be empowering because it can bring people together and inspire action.  By using your unique voice you have the ability to tell your story, your way.  You get to determine how your audience sees you, you are in control.  Although our stories may overlap, ultimately they are all unique, exclusive if you will.  So the question remains, “Who can tell your story better than you?”

The easy answer is “nobody,” but the truer answer is Jali Creatives.  At Jali Creatives we are not only great storytellers, but great listeners ready to help your voice come alive using our distinct skills and passion to see you excel and be the best teller of your story you can be. Let us know how we can help.

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